Pop up Campers – An alternative to normal RVs

Pop up campers were first seen during the 1930s and were gaining in popularity during the 1940s. It was known as the tent trailer then was considered to be a revolution in the way people used to look at recreational vehicles. The advantage of such campers is that it is easy to store and to transport as it folded in and when it was time to unfold it, there was a lot of interior space that will be available to you. If you want to take your RV through small winding roads, then this camper will be a great choice as it is not big and can be easily maneuvered through tight areas. The RV is lightweight and has a hard roof and a collapsible roof and wall section that is made of canvas or some hard wall construction. The campers of today will have almost all amenities that can be found in the larger RVs and therefore is a popular choice.

The Pop up campers can be towed and has a weight ranging between 1500 lbs to 4000 lbs. The weight of the camper will increase as its size and the sizes that are available will be from 8’ to about 15’. These campers will have enough space to host a full kitchen, bathroom facilities, dining and sleeping options for as much as 8 people and the number of people it can accommodate will vary with the models. The campers of today are much advanced to what they were earlier and now even have slide outs like other RVs.