I’m A Fan Of Longines’ Almost Slavish Devotion

Honestly, with the exception of the slightly oversized subdial at three o’clock everything else about this is as generic a “pilot chrono” as you can get. I’m a fan of Longines’ almost slavish devotion to recreating historical models but I don’t really see anything to recommend this over any other watch in this category.

This Longines replica uk higher end line of their chronographs, wouldn’t have been half bad, if they had designed the movement from the ground up with a vertical clutch to go along with the column wheel in the movement. As the movement is a modified eta 7753 with column wheel, it is a waste that they didn’t incorporate a vertical clutch into it.

The movement design should have been designed fully tricked out, but no, its only half assed done. For that reason i won’t buy it. When i buy a column wheel chronograph i expect a vertical clutch in the movement too.

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