I received your last email and thanks for your help so far

High Quality Best Swiss Replica Watches UK For Sale

I received your last email and thanks for your help so far, however you do seem to be holding things up by focussing on the most important point! The Swiss made in the scale of things is very minor, considering the Swiss replica watches are not wearable and loosing time! I have done everything asked of me! You have pictures showing the clasp is twisted, also I have done everything possible with regard to it loosing time, what more do you physically want? If I go to your website and chose another watch as you suggest, then I am spending more money and it doesnt help the fact the original watch is not good!
I did look at your website and the ladies date just with the red face is an alternative, I think is cheaper, however I am not happy buying another when you have not fulfilled your duty of care to me the customer! You have proof with the pictures! I would just like you to send an alternative watch that reaches me by the 13th of July! I paid for the original replica watches UK on my card so should you not resolve this then I can ask my card company to claw back the money!
Please stop holding things up, and send me an alternative as you have sent me goods not fit for purpose, I am happy to accept the one with red face or similar I give you the choice to chose something that a twenty years old girl would like! Please just stop holding things up and fulfill your duty as a seller.
I have again looked at your website and I am right the red faced ladies replica watches sale is cheaper the other one that may be suitable is the item number 1220 pretty looking watch which is more expensive, I am happy to pay the £16 difference, or the blue face as I say just a ladies date just that can be worn! I leave the choice to you, then if I owe you more money I can arrange that! However I do feel after I have spent a week messing about sending pictures etc with no resolve so far, a decent seller would be ensuring they do everything to keep their good name and please their customers! Had this been resolved quickly I would have spent a lot more with you as I have four daughters and one son who I would have bought watches from you for!
Please just no more staling, just sort this out.

I am looking at purchasing a Rolex Submariner, two tone strap with the blue bezel and face. I am a little confused regarding the two replica watches UK you have available as one of them is £79 and the other is £200. They look identical in the pictures to me. Can you please explain the difference? Also if the quality is good I will be looking to place multiple orders with you on an ongoing basis. Could we work out a deal for a trial watch to check the quality?

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