I Do Not Need Any More Replica Watches

The charges still pending I can call the bank now in reverse it. Or you can cancel the order right now and I will place a new one immediately.

I really need a sample of your product as soon as possible and I really appreciate you replying.

With my new order I would like to switch the product to a different watch.

Thank you for the order which I received and the watch looks amazing however after 3 days it does not keep the time the minute hand keeps stopping and then occasionally starts up again.

Please can you advise what to do about this or who to contact if have to return as faulty? Or send me some information on the battery for this watch the date also is not correct.

Thank you for the email on how to sort the time and date out which I have now sorted, however there seems to be a problem with a piece in the strap which we can not get to open or close.

I have watched the you tube video but we still can not get this sorted and don’t want to damage the watch in the process.

Please can you advise us on sending this watch back with a replacement being sent out.

Well not really as the watch shouldn’t have this problem in the first place and there is clearly something not right with the clasp.

Think when I have paid almost £100 for a watch shouldn’t have to be taking to a repair shop it shouldn’t need repairing as for discount on another watch we don’t require another watch?

No it’s not ok the watch is faulty the watch has not been worn because of the fault therefore I am legally entitled to a replacement and you are responsible for paying the costs of sending the faulty watch back.

This needs resolving asap as we seem to be going round in circles with this.

I do not need any more replica watches UK I would just like to be able to wear the watch I ordered because at the moment this is not possible as the clasp is faulty.

When will I receive me replacement watch? As this seems to have gone on long enough and as an internet supplier you have a legal requirement to replace faulty goods?

I am sorry this is just not good enough it is not down to me to have to return to the jewellers and for a new clasp this watch is faulty and require a new replacement or I would like a full refund.

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