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Replica watches power reserves Distance running

One of watchmaking’s major trends is the mean extension of movements’ operating autonomy. Records for fake watches with the largest power reserve have been successively shattered as new heights have been reached. In parallel, this field has experienced another, more discreet, more widespread and far more useful change: calibres delivering 70 to 240 hours’ power reserve have […]

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China’s Turmoil May Stall Rebound in Replica Watch Sales

TAIPEI, Taiwan — After nearly three years of government austerity and slow economic growth, sales of luxury replica watches in China are showing signs of rebound — although many factors, including the recent weakening of the renminbi and stock market turmoil, could stall that momentum again. Swiss replica watches enjoy a near-monopoly on the luxury replica watch […]

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7 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Replica Watches UK

With a large amount of disposable income and an attraction for the eclectic, celebrities make for the best replica watches collectors. Some spend hundreds of thousands on unique odes to themselves, while others spend millions on gifts for loved ones. With good reason or not, there’s money to be spent and replica watches to collect. Check out […]